Construction Process

Planning, Permits & Layout

As with any project a good set of design plans are always the First step

A swimming pool is no exception. The Palmer's Sunset Swim Design team will develop a detailed set of plans and submit them to the state and/or city officials as needed.

Our company will retain all building permits, at your request, to make this process as stress free as possible.

Earthwork & Forming

The access? The location? Does the soil stay on site? What is the soil type? Is there rock to be excavated? Is there rock or sand to be brought in? The size of equipment?

When excavating the average swimming pool, we usually remove 100 cubic yards of soil for a residential and about 300 cubic yards for a commercial pool. This process can take anywhere from a half day to two days depending on the circumstances.

There are many factors that can play a role while excavating a swimming pool.

The forming of the pool takes place as the pool si being excavated. The forms normally consist of 2x4's, sheetrock, plywood sheeting, steel panels, whalers, strong backs, studs, ties and braces.


Once the forming and excavation is done the second most important step takes place, the steel placement.

The steel structure is the backbone of the pool shell. Our steel crews come in and place ˝” rebar throughout the pools structure 6” and 12” on center is a typical grid for the pool and spa. Depending upon soil and weather conditions, different types of reinforcing steel bars and strength of concrete are accepted. In the northern climates the wall structure becomes thicker, and more steel is used.


There are usually two to three phases of the plumbing installation

The first phase is placing the main drains before the steel placement, the second phase is called the rough in and the third phase is the equipment placement. Most pools are designed with the return lines below waters surface to create a closed system. The pool and spa circulation system installed by Palmer's Sunset Swim contains all the updated and top of the line equipment to remove dirt, debris, and keep the water in constant motion through the pipes and equipment where it is filtered, heated and chemically treated. Our circulation systems are constructed of schedule 40 PVC piping and all of our plumbers follow all plumbing codes and regulations, and comply with all the updated versions of the ANSI/NSF and ANSI/NSPI.


At Palmer’s Sunset Swim our Electricians are strictly swimming pool installation. All of our electricians are licensed and experienced and install everything in accordance with the National Electric Codes.

All electrical work, underwater lighting fixtures, electrical motors, controllers, junction boxes, metal transformer enclosures, panel boards, and other electrical enclosures and equipment installed by Palmer's Sunset Swim meet the current National Electrical Code and ANSI/NSPI-5, Standard for Residential In ground Swimming Pools.


A concrete swimming pool can be built in any shape and depth that you can imagine, so with your imagination and your design or ours, we can create the pool of your dreams

As a Northern construction company Palmer's Sunset Swim generally uses a concrete that is pre-mixed to specifications by the concrete manufacturer. A low slump concrete mix is delivered to the job site by a ready-mix truck; placed slowly into the pump; and is shot against the pool to create the pool shell (Shot-crete).

Our concrete crews hand cut, sculpt and shape the concrete giving you the shape of your pool structure, and we're ready for the next step.

Coping, Tile & Decking

The coping is placed around the perimeter of the pool; this is what ties your pool and deck together

The coping can be constructed from many different materials: stone, poured concrete, pre-cast brick and aluminum are the most common; some other options are tile, natural stone, paver's, granite, tumbled stones and limestone. There are endless options to choose from when it comes to blending your pool to match your surroundings.


The tile is what gives your pool the personality. Like coping there are many materials that can accent your pool edge, glass, ceramic, stone, and mosaics are just a few of the choices you’ll have.


This is what ties it all together. Once your decking is added it pulls the coping in place. Now you start to see the elegance of your pool. There are so many selections to choose from: broomed finish or stamped, colored, tiled, paver's, or stone, are just a few.

Plastering Interior Finish

One of Palmer's Sunset Swim specialties is swimming pool resurfacing

Palmer's is a leader as a Diamond Brite® applicator and authorized dealer. Palmer's Sunset Swim uses the most trusted products available, and Diamond Brite® is the premier resurfacing product. Palmer's can handle any resurfacing job you may have, whether it be a back yard pool or a well used athletic club, Palmer's can cover it!

Mechanical & Equipment

When planing your pools equipment, Palmer's Sunset Swim provides top of the line products

We use the same products in our residential applications as we do in our commercial applications which are all leaders in the pool industry:




Slide & Accessories

Palmer's Sunset swim handles all your pool supply needs

From slides and water features to lights and rubber ducks, we have everything you need to enjoy your pool and spa while keeping it fun and healthy.

Closeout & Inspections

Nearing the completion of Building the pool or spa it is now time to fill it and make sure that everything is running, and that the water is chemically balanced

We then will provide instructions and manuals for operating and maintaining the pool's equipment to the homeowner or maintenance personal. Palmer's Sunset Swim's personnel then will go through (with the proper persons) the punch list making certain that every thing is running and operating properly, and that all issues are resolved before Palmer's is done and has left the job-site.


OK ... Now after all of the hard work of choosing a design & putting up with all the...well, let's just say it's Over

Now, go in and get the family, and put your suits on, grab your favorite beverage, and enjoy your new vacation destination!!!

Services include:

  • Professional in-ground pool installation

  • Custom-built spas

  • Complete pool and spa renovation and repair

  • Pool and spa plastering

  • Brick, coping and tile replacement

  • Residential and commercial


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